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Whether you have never touched a color wheel or even know what branding is, this company is built for you… your one-stop-shop for all of your art needs.

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Our services are one of a kind: most companies only offer what is asked of them, our’s go far and beyond our customer’s expectations.

Although we can’t promise you a Maserati at Honda prices, we do promise to deliver exceptional work at exceptional prices in an expceptionally quick amount of time.

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Tau is a GREAT all around artist with a keen eye for detail which brings his art ALIVE! If, you are looking for a dedicated detail oriented talent, Tau is the one for you!

So I have the great fortune of being to say I have worked with Liqid Inc from the very beginning. Over the years they have been my organizations go to for all things art and design. During my days as an event organizer I would go to Liqid Inc. with an idea and they would produce flyers, posters, event and campaign paraphernalia that is dynamic, unique and most importantly engaging. They have consistently developed quality marketing material that accurately considers my organizations particular target audience and always produce work that is above my expectations. The thing I like best about Liqid Inc. is their approach to design. Even though I have been contracting them for years now, they still start every engagement the same way; A personal one on one conversation with one of their graphic artist. They ask questions that helps me paint my vision for them, then they go and bring it to life! My business has taken me around the country and there are times when I need some marketing material done for a new or potential client on the fly. Liqid Inc is the team I call!  They have always provided me with the big firm quality and professionalism my customers demand and the family personality approach that business should be!  It is what keeps Kyros LLC. coming back to Liqid Inc. year after year!

I have had the pleasure of working with Liqid inc for several years. They have produced numerous documents for us and they designed our website. In each instance, I have been extremely pleased with the quality of their work. Their designs are very creative and always make a bold statement. We have received many compliments about our website and the material we distribute and I always give Liqid inc all of the credit. If you are looking for a firm that will represent your organization, electronically or in print, I can think of no better company. I am confident that Liqid inc will meet and exceed your expectations.