FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is graphic design?

It is the art or skill of combining images, graphics and text to book covers, advertisements, logos, and brochures to name a few. Graphic design is often used to convey a message through print and multimedia.

Why do I need a graphic designer?

If your goal is to simply create and print your own material from your desktop printer for personal use such as greeting cards, flyers, or craft projects using desktop publishing software then chances are you will not need a graphic designer.

What a graphic designer will bring to your process?

What a graphic designer will bring to your process is an in-depth knowledge of graphic design and the elements and principles of graphic design, as well as the software skills required to use desktop publishing and image programs. A graphic designer will also be conversant in the process of preparing files for use by others – be they printers or online Web hosting providers, ensuring the trouble-free output of your finished communication piece.